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Thank you for stopping by!  

I'm Kerri, the owner of White Picket Fences Crafts.  White Picket Fences Crafts was started in 2016 when I started creating these amazingly unique pieces of art for my front door.  A thought passed through my mind with how cool and unique it would be to offer these as a paint party!  I reached out to one of my great friends (shout out Marisa!!!) and she so graciously agreed to be my first host!  The rest was history.  Now you will circle around many Long Island and Queens neighborhoods and see White Picket Fences Crafts adorning someones door!

What started as a part-time hobby changed and grew with the help of my amazing family and friends.  I would like to thank all my customers who have supported my small business through the years.  I truly hope you enjoy your products as much as I enjoy creating them for you!  

XO's - K

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